« *Not nose, I meant Seyong's ears , omo. the spasm got to my engrish. lol. » — poison-tea

its okay <3333

« Oh my gosh! Seyong and Youngi's son is soooo adorable! Such a cute family. I've been following Youngi for years and I'm happy that she is with Seyong and having Jaewon alongside with them. Their son looks just like Youngi. The cute "pig" nose and Seyong's eyes and nose. <3 » — poison-tea

isnt it? I think lee seyong is a really good father and youngi an fantastic mom!!!!! <3

« do you want lee seyong to be casted on superman is back? » — Anonymous

would be veeeeeeeeeeery cool :)

« whats this show /post/98485527768 » — Anonymous

its from mulssshop tv, you can watch here :) 

« they really have a son? » — Anonymous

yes :)

« what are their ages? » — Anonymous

hong young gi have 22 years old and lee seyong 19.